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Our service department will dispatch a factory trained, EPA certified technician to come to your home or office during business hours. We also offer after hours emergency service as well, if needed. Have comfort in knowing, that there is no additional charges to have your system repaired after hours. So give us call and speak to our friendly on call operator and let them know you need service today!

We have a new fleet of clean, fully stocked service vans with all the important commonly needed parts to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible. However, in the event we don’t have the part your system needs, we have hundreds of supplies at out finger tips. With just one call we can get you a price and repair availability as soon as possible. We offer flat rate pricing to all of our customers so there will never be any surprises. Our technicians will give you pricing up front before repairs are made. We are a service first company that believes in fixing the problem and not just being deceitful to make a quick sale. If you’ve been told your system can’t be fixed or that parts are not available, then give us a call and let us check for you. We offer two year parts and labor warranty on most electrical parts replaced & one year parts and labor warranty on all refrigerant parts replaced.



Often times we are asked by a customer when they should replace their system. Although this can be a difficult decision, here are a few things that we can cover with you, to help you make the best decision for you and your family.


  • Repair is often the best low cost solution. Here are a few repairs that are minor and should be considered “common repairs” and should not warrant replacing your system.
  • (PSC) Permanent split capacitor Fan motors: These motors are plentiful and are the work horses of the industry. These types of motors have a known track record for reliability.
  • (Cap) Dual Capacitors/Capacitors: There are so many variables as to why they fail that we just couldn’t cover all of them. Here are a few things to consider: Age and amp draw of the components that capacitor supports? How old is the capacitor and how many cycle rates has it had in its lifetime? Is your home prone to power loss, brown out, or lightning strikes? Sometimes even the materials used to produce that capacitor (USA or China) branded Capacitor can determine its reliability. (We use USA Capacitors built right here in Florida, made with the best components and have the best industry warranty).
  • Contractors: These electrical components are essentially a switch that applies and disconnects high voltage power to larger electrical consuming components. They are generally controlled smaller low voltage switches like your thermostat. It’s not uncommon to see failure with these items as they receive the brunt of all the high voltage arching through connecting and disconnect. They are not serviceable and should have regular inspections by a trained technician to keep your system at peak efficiency.
  • Wiring repairs: This is a tricky one.There are two types of wiring repairs a system can have. 1. Low voltage repair. 2. High voltage repair. Most systems will never need an electrical wiring repair throughout its service life but often we come across a wire that might need repair due to chafing from rubbing against another component, or wire coating deteriorated from being exposed to the elements. No worries though as these can be common and any experienced technician can repair this with no worries.

Give us a call anytime and ask about our preventative plans we offer. 


  • Replacement: This is ultimately your decision and no one should pressure you into this. We will present you with all the options available to help you make the best informed decision. With that said, here are a few warning signs that your system might need to be replaced. High electric bills, poor condition, and lack luster cooling performance. “Service History”, has your system been a problem child? Does it seem like your system needs repair every year? This combined with the need for expensive repair could be a red flag to replace. “Major repairs” if your service company has told you that your system is in need of a major repair such as, Evaporator coil, Condenser coil, Compressor, Accumulator? These can be very a costly and not always work out in your favor if another component were to fail afterwards. The risk vs reward should be considered when making these types of decisions. When choosing to repair it’s always recommended that you sign up for a good maintenance program to help keep an eye on the repair you made to help your system last as long as possible afterwards.

Give us a call anytime and ask about our preventative plans we offer. 






A $380.00 value!

**Qualifying repairs: Non-warranty replacement components, evaporator coils, condenser coils, accumulators, 1ph compressors, electronically commutated motor (ECM) motors. Offer applies to residential customers only. Must be installed at time of repair, no substitutions.

DIY Cooling Performance Tips for Summertime

Summer is upon us, and no one likes coming home to a hot house! If you’re a do it yourself kind of individual, then here are a few tricks to keep the A/C companies away!

1. Inspect & replace your A/C filter monthly. Can’t remember when it was last replaced? Then right now would be a good time.

2. Keep a good air space around your condensing outdoor unit. Keep vegetation, trash cans, building supplies a minimum 24” away to let that unit breathe.

3. Rinse your condenser coil out. Use a garden hose with a spray nozzle that has the “shower setting” (no high pressure) Start from the top and work your way down gently removing any visual impacted dirt. No detergent required, just good o’l water.

Pro Tip: Remove power prior to washing the coil. Do this by locating the breaker for this in the electrical panel and shutting off the breaker. Restore power when complete. 

4. Pump your drain. Locate your A/C exit drain pipe outside and pump it out using a wet vacuum or mighty pump. Connect your wet vacuum or mighty pump to this exit pipe and allow it suck any water or debris out to clear this pipe. (Usually this pipe is ¾” in size and is white or black in color) This will help out tremendously from having to call for service.

Pro Tip: Do not use compressed air, this can cause the drain pipe to explode. It’s best to avoid this method.

5. Add a little vinegar to your drain monthly through the summer. Most A/C systems have a secondary pipe installed at the Air Handler that has a cap on it. Remove this cap and add 4oz of vinegar to this pipe. This will allow you to treat the drain pan and the drain pipe at the same time. This will help keep your drain flowing and minimize clogs.

Pro Tip: Do not use bleach, this can corrode the metals in your unit and cause premature failure. Don’t have this pipe? Schedule a visit for us to see if one can be installed on your unit!

6. Leave your system on when you’re not home! Yeah I said it, leave it on. We get a lot of calls each year for this one. When your home has hit the desired temp that you set on the thermostat, we call this a conditioned home. If you leave for the day and get home late and turn your A/C on, it now has to combat this tremendous heat load to achieve your desired temperature. On average it can take 1-2 hours per 1 degree you are trying to achieve. Example: You arrive home at 6:00 pm and its 83 degrees in your home and you set it for 75 degrees. It could be 2:00 am before your system satisfies and shuts off. We recommend setting it for the highest temperature that you still feel comfortable at.

Pro Tip: Have a trained technician install a Wi-Fi thermostat and you can turn your system off / on via an app installed on your phone.



Our service department will schedule a factory trained, EPA certified tech to come to your home or office during business hours. We also offer after hour’s emergency service as well if needed, just call us and speak to our friendly on call operator. We have a fleet of fully stocked service vans with all the important commonly needed parts to get your system back up and operating as quickly as possible.In the event we don’t have the part your systems needs, we have hundreds of manufactures & supplies at out finger tips. With just one call we can get you price and repair availability as soon as possible. We offer flat rate pricing to all of our customers and our technicians will give you pricing up front before repairs are made. Two year parts and labor warranty on all electrical parts replaced. One year parts and labor warranty on all refrigerant parts replaced.


We specialize in residential replacement comfort systems. For your peace of mind we use only the most reliable, high quality, energy efficient equipment available. To assure your job is right the first time, Our Factory Trained installation Technicians perform a certified 20 point start-up to maximum energy savings and long term comfort. We take total "Turn Key" responsibility by showing you how easy it is to use all the newest technology and features you request. Our financial strength allows us to offer several financing options.


Custom built aluminum frame warrantied for LIFE! We can build any size for any application. Heavy takifier and antimicrobial coating enhances dust collection and controls growth of mold , mildew, algae and fungi. Wire mesh prevents filter media from being drawn into the air handler unlike cardboard filters that can collapse due to high air flow. Dual-Ply construction allows for excellent airflow and efficient dust capturing.

Every inch in your house can be well-maintained with the help of services we offer. Forget about any worries and select the service you need.

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